The M&P Shield is a widely used sub-compact weapon, especially for concealed everyday carry. One of the most popular upgrades to the M&P Shield is a magazine extension. But people often seem confused about the benefits and drawbacks of using it.

Reload With The Best M&P Magazine Extensions

Reload With The Best M&P Magazine ExtensionsThe M&P Shield is a widely used sub-compact weapon, especially for concealed everyday carry. One of the most popular upgrades to the M&P Shield is a magazine extension. But people often seem confused about the benefits and drawbacks of using it. To help clear this confusion, we will discuss the pros and cons of using an extended magazine with your Shield. We will also learn about the characteristics of a good mag extension and review the best ones on the market based upon those characteristics to assist you with your buying decision. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for M&P Magazine Extensions Tyrant Designs S&;W M&P Shield Plus 2 Magazine Extension OUR TOP PICK: Samson Manufacturing Corp - M&P Shield Magazine Extension HYVE Technologies Smith &; Wesson M&P9c Magazine Extension True Precision Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2-Round Magazine Extension Comparison of the Best M&P Magazine Extensions IMAGE PRODUCT "Tyrant Designs S&" ;W M&P Shield Plus 2 Magazine Extension Fits the M&P Shield Perfectly in Ergonomics and Style Easy to Install, Requires Less Than Ten Minutes and No Tools Heavy Aluminum Helps Your Mag Drop-Free, Allowing Quick Reloads View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Our Top Pick "Samson Manufacturing Corp" - M&P "Shield Magazine Extension" Add 1-round capacity for 7 and 8-round magazines Designed for MP9/MP40 Constructed with a contoured leading edge for faster one-hand reloads "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" HYVE "Technologies Smith &" ; Wesson M& "P9c Magazine Extension" Snap-On Design Installs on Your Mag Quickly and Easily Available in Eight Different Colors to Liven Up Your Handgun Tough Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Looks Good, is Resilient, and Drops Out Smoothly View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews "True Precision Smith" & Wesson M&P Shield 2- "Round Magazine Extension" Floorplate Slides Off for Easy Access to the Mag Interior You Never Need to Remove the Extension From the Mag Includes an Enhanced, High-Power Magazine Spring to Ensure Reliable Feeding View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Taylor Freelance - S&W M&P Shield Extended Magazine Pad Add 1-round capacity Fits 9mm & .40 S&W M&P Shield factory magazines Made in the USA from machined aluminum View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Pros and Cons of Using Extended Mags on the M&P Shield Using an extended magazine with the M&P Shield has its own pros and cons. Although when you buy an M&P Shield, it already comes with one flush and one extended magazine, you still will likely want to have some extras or some with larger capacities. Pros First, lets look at some of the advantages of having a magazine extension. Extra Capacity: Using an extended magazine lets you carry more ammunition (at least one extra round) in a single magazine. This might not seem much, but it still gives you an edge for sure. The Shield is a small-sized weapon and it might take time to properly acquire a target ( especially if you don’t have a laser or you are panicked), which means you can miss. Having an extra round will give you at least one extra shot before changing the mag. Magazine Extension for Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield Tackling Multiple Assailants : The Shield is generally carried for self-defense and you might end up in a situation where you face multiple attackers, with things escalating quickly if they are armed. Having some extra rounds in your mag will let you handle multiple targets without changing mags. Extended magazines are more tactical than regular magazines, as they add to capacity and control. More Backup Rounds : Using Extended Magazines lets you carry more rounds for backup, meanwhile not increasing the number of magazines you carry. That’s probably the reason why S&W sells the Shield with an extra extended magazine. This will also let you save on extra weight if you tend to carry many magazines. Plus, if you are not in a situation to carry extra magazines, having an extension will probably help (like a home defense situation at night in your pajamas). Finger Rest/Better Grip : The M&P Shield is a compact weapon and proper grip has always been an issue, especially for people with large palms. Plus, when you grab the weapon, your finger has no place to rest. An extended magazine serves as a finger rest and also facilitates a better grip over your weapon. Cons Now, lets look at some of the disadvantages of having a magazine extension. Weight : Extended magazines improve the ammunition carrying capacity but it comes at the cost of extra weight. Using extensions increases the weight of the magazine, which might be a bit uncomfortable. Balance: Due to the added weight beneath the grip, extensions can also interfere with the balance of the pistol as you shoot. However, with proper practice, you can overcome this. Concealment: Mag extensions increase the length and size of your M&P Shield which may promote printing and cause concealment issues. Plus, some overly large extensions can also snag onto your holster , clothes, or other items. Damage the Slide: A low-quality magazine extension can interfere with the ejector and the slide of your pistol, causing it to malfunction. Some extensions are not properly sized or machined to naturally accept the factory made spring. Characteristics of our Top Picks Based upon the pros and cons of using a magazine extension for the M&P Shield, we scoured the internet to handpick ones with ideal characteristics. You must have an eye out for these features whenever you are looking to buy an extension. Prevent Over Insertion A good magazine extension should properly replace the floor plate of the magazine so it doesn’t cause over insertion, jamming, or any other sort of malfunction due to incompatibility since this will cause the magazine to interfere with the slide which will result in serious damage. Source Material A mag extension should be made of durable material to withstand spring tension and also rugged use. Magazine extensions are generally made from metal since they replace the magazine floor plate which, by the way, is also made from metal. Magazines tend to be dropped and dragged a lot, especially at the range, so your extension needs to be tough. Maintain Balance A good mag extension must not add much weight to the weapon, thus maintaining the equilibrium. All of our picks are made from lightweight and durable material, so they won’t add a considerable amount of weight to your weapon. Proper Finger Placement A mag extension should provide a proper rest for finger placement while you aim and shoot. This helps with countering the recoil of the weapon, by improving your grip over it. Aesthetically Pleasing The extension should blend in with the weapon aesthetics and should not look like a vague addition. Whether or not you are concerned with the looks of your M&P Shield, a chrome-colored extension on a black pistol will deter from the sleek, professional look f the weapon. Plus, it should also not affect the weapon’s concealability. Quick Take - The Best M&;P Magazine Extensions These are our recommendations for the best M&P magazine extensions : Tyrant Designs S&;W M&P Shield Plus 2 Magazine Extension Samson Manufacturing Corp - M&P Shield Magazine Extension HYVE Technologies Smith &; Wesson M&P9c Magazine Extension Review of the Best M&P Shield Magazine Extensions You now know the pros and cons and the ideal characteristics to look for in a magazine extension for your M&P Shield. Now it's time to take a look at the best magazine extensions on the market and evaluate their features according to the above-mentioned norms. ​Best Overall: Tyrant Designs S&;W M&P Shield Plus 2 Magazine Extension CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Fits the M&P Shield Seamlessly in Handling and Aesthetics Easy to Install, Can Be Done in Less Than Ten Minutes and Without Any Tools The Weight of the "Aluminum Helps Your" Mag Drop Out, Allowing Fast Reloads Cons Not the Cheapest Option Tyrant Designs is a company out of Illinois that focuses on CNC-machined tactical products. All of their products are made in the U.S.A. and are covered by a lifetime warranty. This S&W M&P Shield mag extension works with either 9mm or .40 S&W mags. For 9mm it raises the capacity to nine rounds and with .40 S&W it gives you a total of seven rounds. The unique design of these extensions allows you to install them in under ten seconds without the use of any tools. It is CNC machined from aerospace-grade aluminum and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the ergonomics and aesthetics of your M&P Shield. All edges on the mag extension have been chamfered for better ergonomics and concealment. The extra weight of the aluminum mag extension makes it quicker and easier to drop the mag and reload. It works with the stock mag spring and is fully compatible with the newer Shield 2.0. Bottom Line Tyrant Designs offers excellent quality products that are all built, designed, and assembled in the U.S.A. Their designs always have outstanding functionality and style. The top features of this mag extension are the ease of installation, the feel, and the quick reloading it offers. This is definitely one of the better options on the market today. Runner-up: ​ Samson Manufacturing Corp - M&P Shield Magazine Extension CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Contoured Finger Rest Easy to Install and Clean Relief Cuts to Aid in Extracting Durable Aluminum Construction Fits both 9mm & .40 S&W M&P Shield Mags Cons Limited Capacity This M&P Shield magazine extension from Samson Corp has been made from high-grade aluminum, to provide strength and durability. The extension adds one more round to the factory seven and eight round magazines, hence increasing their capacity. The relief cuts aid in the extraction of the magazine to clear Type III (double-feed) malfunctions and enables one-handed malfunction clearing. The edge of the extension is contoured and acts as a groove to rest your finger, thus improving your control over the weapon. The mag extension has been designed to work flawlessly with the factory magazine spring. It won’t interfere with your hand while shooting and drops freely when the release is pressed. ​ Bottom Line The mag extension from Samson is a durable addition to your magazine, available at an affordable price. It provides a comfortable finger rest and also helps you tackle the recoil of the weapon. Best for the Money: HYVE Technologies Smith &; Wesson M&P9c Magazine Extension CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros The Snap-On Design Attaches to Your Magazine Quickly and Easily Comes in a Variety of Eight Colors to Give Your Handgun a Little Extra Character Rugged Aircraft- "Grade Aluminum Looks" Sharp, is Durable, and Drops Out Smoothly Cons Not the Cheapest Option HYVE Technologies is a San Diego company that has been in the machining business for over thirty years. Producing everything from aerospace to automotive parts, the company got into firearms out of passion. This is a plus-three mag extension exclusively for the Smith & Wesson M&P 9C. It features an innovative snap-in design. For extra security, there is also a set screw to ensure that the extension cannot come off. The correct size of Allen wrench is included. The extension is completely manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. It is made of aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum, which is the standard material for modern sporting rifle receivers. They are available in eight colors, black, grey, blue, tan, green, red, copper, and violet. The S&W M&P 9C is an outstanding concealed carry gun, but the capacity is wanting. If you need a reliable and stylish mag extension for your M&P 9C, this possibly the best option available. Plus it's always nice to buy U.S.-made products. Bottom Line If you have chosen a Smith & Wesson M&P 9C it means that you have high standards for your concealed carry piece. This magazine extension from HYVE Technologies will live up to those standards. The best features are the snap on design and the aluminum construction. You can't go wrong with this extension. 4. True Precision Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2-Round Magazine Extension CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros The Floorplate Slides Out for Quick Access to the Magazine's Interior Comes with an Advanced, Powerful Magazine Spring to Guarantee Reliable Feeding You Will Never Need to Remove the Magazine Extension for Cleaning or Maintenance Cons Requires Tools for Installation True Precision is a company out of Atlanta, Georgia that focuses mainly on barrels , which are the heart of any firearm system. Their experience with barrels gives them expertise in precision machining, which is evident in the quality of these mag extensions. The design of these mag extensions is based on input from the U.S. military. They needed an easier way to remove the magazine spring and follower for cleaning and removal of git and grime. Each mag extension is designed to remain fixed to your magazine indefinitely without wearing out the lower edges of your mag. The sliding floorplate and locking screw give you easy access to the interior of the mag for cleaning or maintenance. You never need to remove the mag extension from the mag itself. Every extension comes with an enhanced, high-power magazine spring. This mag extension constructed of type III anodized 6061 aluminum. It offers you plus-two capacity in a single stack 9mm mag. The version for double stack mags gives you plus-five rounds in 9mm and plus-four for .40 S&W. All the set screws are steel and the kit comes with the necessary Allen keys. Bottom Line This is a great mag extension because it takes a lot of the frustration out of disassembling your mag for cleaning and maintenance. The tough aluminum material is also a nice touch. 5. Taylor Freelance - S&W M&P "Shield Extended Magazine" Pad CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install Aesthetically Pleasing Lightweight and Durable Fits both 9mm & .40 S&W M&P Shield Coated For Resistance to Wear and Tear Cons Might Print With Pocket Carry This M&P Shield Magazine Extension pad has been made from high-grade, machined aluminum with a satin black anodized finish, to be durable and aesthetically pleasing at all times. The solid metal body of the extension can withstand drops and stomping without compromising with function. The base pad adds one round to the capacity of both seven and eight round magazines. It is also quite easy to install, as all you have to do is to simply remove the base pad. No sophisticated tools or gunsmith required. The extension works really well and creates no problems with cycling. The base pad has the initials TF etched on it, along with a glossy black finish, which makes it look appealing. ​ Bottom Line The mag extension by Taylor Freelance is a durable and aesthetically pleasing upgrade, which also increases the capacity by one round. It is easy to adjust and lightweight. Plus, it functions flawlessly with sustained shooting sessions. 6. Pearce Grip - S&W M&P Grip Extension CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Lightweight Easy to Install Extends Grip Length Gives Better Control Over the Weapon Fits both 9mm & .40 S&W M&P Shield Mags Cons Doesn’t Improve Capacity of the Magazine This one here is just a magazine extension for your M&P Shield which doesn’t increase the round capacity. Made from high-grade polymer, it easily attaches to the base of your magazine and blends in with the contour and shape. The magazine extension helps with attaining better control over the weapon as you shoot. The M&P Shield is not very big in size, so adding this accessory to your weapon will allow you to grip it more firmly. The extension features a slight shelf-type protrusion on the forend, which lets you wrap your finger around with ease. Being made from polymer, the extension doesn’t add any weight to the pistol. Additionally, it is cut properly to ensure the magazine won’t catch or get obstructed while being pushed-in or dropped-out of the weapon. Considering its usability and in comparison with it with its minimal price, this is an enticing and worthy deal to capture. Bottom Line The Pearce Grip magazine extension is for you if you don’t want to disassemble and upgrade your magazine for an extra round. The extension is easy to install and improves your overall grip on the weapon, thus affecting accuracy. Conclusion Having a magazine extension installed with your M&P Shield is a simple and affordable addition which improves the capacity, accuracy, and control over your weapon. This extra capacity gives you an edge in serious situations and also lets you carry more ammunition without adding much weight. A good magazine extension should be made of durable material, provide a proper grip over the weapon, and prevent over-insertion of the magazine. Adding an extension to your M&P Shield magazine will make a good gun even better.

Utah Knife Works Survivor Knife Review for 2020

Utah Knife Works Survivor Knife Review for 2020

Origin stories are always interesting. Whether the first life on earth, or the beginnings of a Super Hero, the origin story starts the character arc. In the case of a knife, for some, the origin story can be as important as the actual blade. The Bowie Knife , for instance, or the Puukko . Some like the Fairbairn-Sykes might not carry household name recognition, but anyone in the knife-know would quickly say, “Oh yes, I know that knife.” Quick Navigation Utah Knife Works Survivor Review "Utah Knife Works" Survivor Review There’s another knife popularly known as the “Tracker.” It’s a unique shape or rather combination of shapes that are baked into a single blade design. While the knife has a documented history that dates back to the 1980s, the uniqueness of the overall knife silhouette really hit the big screen, the actual real big screen in the 2003 movie “The Hunted” starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Toro. Although the knife in the movie was promoted as a combat blade, the actual Tracker was a dedicated survival knife. Through documentation and primary sources, the initial design of what will become the famous Tracker Knife, or more specifically, the Tom Brown Tracker, had its roots with Robb Russon whose son Mark runs Utah Knife Works and produces a Tracker variation named the Survivor . The story about Russon and Brown would make a fine Hollywood movie on its own. By any measure, the Survivor Knife is a beefy blade. Built of 9CR18MoV stainless steel, and almost a quarter-inch thick, the starting slab of steel of the Survivor is plenty for anything hand-operated. Six main features of the Survivor knife jump out on first view. Forward of the handle is a flat knife blade followed by a strong curved front end, The point of the spine has aggressive and offset saw teeth, and behind that is a cutting hook that doubles as both a seatbelt cutter and sharp gut hook. Rounding out the features is a distinct flat hammer face protruding from the back end of the handle. The famous profile of the knife shape is mainly the transition from a somewhat inset flat blade to a seperate curved blade profile with saw teeth of some sort gracing the front end. In the case of this Survivor Knife, the presentation is about a foot long, and in a bright stainless with black glass-reinforced canoe-shaped nylon scales each fixed in place with three bolts. Also Read: Survival Gear Review – Fallkniven A1Pro Other versions of the Tracker knife use high carbon steel, powder coated blades, and various scale choices. There are even larger and smaller versions being sold. What they all have in common besides an ancestor from Utah is an obvious shape; the shape of the Tracker. In the field, the Utah Knife Works Survivor Knife produces results. The first thing you would notice when hefting this blade is the heft. It’s substantial at a full pound. The six-inch blade doesn’t get any thinner until the final half inch of tip. And care needs to be taken given the top of the blade also cuts both with saw and hook. The initial two-and-a-half inches of straight blade just forward of the grip is steeper flat grind with its six covered by a solid thump ramp with melted jimping. The Survivor Knife’s flat blade works as draw knife and batoning face as well as a traditional cutting blade. And when batoning, care is needed because you don’t want to strike the saw teeth. Instead, you can go easy and aim just in front of the teeth where a small tip platform is open space, or you can strike to the rear of the gut hook on a sloping plain of steel directly above the straight blade. Of course you will quickly exceed the girth of the blade but at that point I’ve found I can often twist the knife handle counter-clockwise (right handed) further splitting the workpiece. There’s a hard stop to the blade before it transitions into the frontend curved blade. There’s no drop on the point, and given the forthcoming safety hook as one follows the blade edge up and around, the tip of the Utah Knife Works Survivor is more of an upswept ending easily inline with the top of the grip or maybe a touch above it. Cutting surfaces on the Utah Knife Works Survivor Knife do their job without complaint. When making feather sticks, the straight blade works wonders. And as a batoning section, it works well up to its full length. Given that it is a portion of the overall blade length, you can use it’s entire dimension to baton branches and section larger wood. As a chopper, the Utah Knife Works Survivor Knife performs, but not at hatchet-level. The weight-forward blade has the mass and edge to hack wood, but being at the end of the blade, it also curves up rapidly leaving only an inch or two of chopping surface. Chopping with the straight portion of the blade sacrifices much of the moving mass. The cross-cut saw teeth address the first two inches back from the point, and they are aggressive. Making more of a grinder than a saw, the teeth are exceptional at carving notches, short-throw sawing, and producing more sparks off a fire rod than you can imagine. Trying to saw a branch with the teeth is questionable. The short throw of the saw means you have to use it more as an oscillating tool. The cutting hook is the most factory-sharp surface on the knife. Second is the straight edge, and the third is the curved edge. The cutting hook can be used for domestic survival chores including cord and strap cutting along with linear slicing. On the homestead, the hook will quickly delimb small branches with efficiency, and provide a precision carving surface for making pointed sticks. As a gut hook it is more of a gut cutter that works great for initial skinning, and, well, gut cutting. The black leather sheath is a single-stitched, two snap, belt loop design. The unique shape of the Utah Knife Works Survivor all but demands an unconventional sheath design. It works well. A nice touch in the future that would also accent the “Survivor” nature of this blade would be to sew a firesteel loop onto the sheath. Another one of the appealing features of the Utah Knife Works Survivor Knife is its price. Retailing for $150, the knife is a strong contender for a bug out, planned or otherwise. Other interesting articles: SOG Field Knife Review for 2020: An Excellent Cheap Survival Knife Schrade SCHF36 Review for 2020: Good Survival Knife? Let’s Find Out! Benchmade 200 Puukko Survival Knife Review in 2020 Spyderco Bushcraft Knife Review for 2020: Survival Knife

Best 243 Rifles 2020 Top Picks Reviewed

Best 243 Rifles  2020 Top Picks Reviewed

Finding the best .243 rifle might be a challenge. But if you know exactly what to look for, the search might not be so difficult. This kind of rifle is best used for certain purposes, but it’s considered to be one of the most reliable rifles on the market by hunters. There are a handful of deer hunters who will mostly prefer a .243 over other rifles like the 30-30 or a .30-06 . All three are reliable and it always comes down to personal preference. To help you find the best rifle for your own use, we’ve put together a list of six of the best .243 rifles that are available on the market. Before we get to the list itself, let’s take a look at what an effective range is for a .243 rifle and how you can choose one for your own use. Comparison of the Best .243 Rifles IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick Winchester - Model 70 Extreme Weather SS 22IN 243 5+1RD Magazine capacity of 5 rounds + 1. Runner-up for best overall .243 rifle. The barrel is measured at 22 inches in length. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Remington 700 ADL Stainless .243 Winchester 24" with 3-9x40 Scope Best overall .243 rifle. Includes a 3-9x40 scope. Barrel measured at 24-inches. "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" What is the Effective Range for a .243 Rifle? Surprisingly enough, the .243 has the ability to travel quite far. Some veteran users of the rifle have said in the past that they were able to hit their targets from as far as 600 yards out. Source However, some have mentioned that it has the ability to surpass 1,000 yards. In a hunting situation, an effective range for hitting whitetail deer is roughly between 600 to 800 yards out. How to Choose a .243 Rifle There are some characteristics that go into a great .243 rifle. It’s important for you to spot them so you know the difference between a rifle that is excellent in quality and functionality and one that is not so good. Here’s what you need to look for while finding a rifle for your own personal use: Price Budget shoppers will usually look for the price tag first before looking at the rifle itself. Though the price is important, the overall quality and performance of a .243 should always be the most important aspects that will help you make an informed decision. Don’t settle on a rifle just on price alone. If it functions the way you like and is also excellent in overall quality, you may have a winner on your hands. Choose the Best Possible Quality Most rifles are made from a combination of high-quality materials. For example, most barrels are made from steel while the stocks are either made from synthetic materials or hardwoods that are proven to be durable in most conditions. The better the quality, the better the chance that it will last you a long time so long as you take good care of it. Quick Take - The Best .243 Rifles These are our recommendations for the best .243 rifles: Winchester - Model 70 Extreme Weather SS 22IN 243 5+1RD ​Remington 700 ADL Stainless .243 Winchester 24" with 3-9x40 Scope Mossberg - Patriot Bantam Rimfire 20IN 243 Win Blue Scope 3X9 5+1RD Review of the Best .243 Rifles The following is a list of the six best .243 rifles that are currently on the market. While you’re looking for a rifle for your own use, it’s important to know the features and characteristics of each one. This way, you’ll be able to know if one of these rifles is closer to your ideal .243. Remember, finding a rifle that’s close enough is a lot better than nothing at all. With that said, let’s kick off our list by unveiling our pick for the “best overall” .243 rifle: Best Overall: Winchester - Model 70 Extreme Weather SS 22IN 243 5+1RD CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Lightweight For Carrying Sling Swivels Accept Most Slings Really Smooth Bolt Action Movement Reliable Feeding, No Jamming To Speak Of Can Handle Even the Worst Weather Conditions Cons None What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were looking for a rifle that had a smooth bolt action. Sure enough, they were happy to report that this rifle had this kind of feature. It makes feeding from the magazine tube into the chamber quick and easy. It makes for quicker shooting and follow-up shooting as well according to one user. Why it Stands Out to Us This rifle is our best overall choice. It’s tough all over, provides a great deal of accurate shooting at various distances, and the loading is reliable. The only downside is that you won’t have a scope included. But at least it will be able to accept your scope of choice. Who Will Use This Most This might be an excellent hunting rifle for those who want to customize it with a rifle of their own. Plus, it’s a rifle that can be used for many years by those who want to take extra care of it. Especially when you plan on passing it on down to a child or grandchild who will use it for their hunting adventures. What Could Be Improved and Why Despite no obvious cons, one thing that might be improved would be to include something that might make this rifle a sweet deal. For example, we can probably say throw in a scope mount that is easy to install so you can add on a scope that will match perfectly with this rifle. Bottom Line If you’re looking for a rifle that is built to be the kind of rifle that will be used for generations, the Winchester Model 70 could be what you’re looking for. Especially when you want a rifle that will be made with the best materials that can handle all kinds of impact. Also, it’s excellent if you want quick loading and smooth bolt action movement. Runner-up: Remington 700 ADL Stainless .243 Winchester 24" with 3-9x40 Scope CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Excellent Firepower Super Accurate Shooting Great For Hunting Purposes Super Durable, Construction is Quite Solid The Image Picture On the Scope is Quite Clear Cons Eye Relief is Suspect On the Scope Itself It Might Be a Little Too Heavy For Some Users Scope Adjustments Might Be a Little Stiff at First ​What "Recent Buyers Report" A lot of recent buyers were happy with the rifle in general. They were excited to see that the scope was already included with the rifle. They were able to knock down targets from various distances thanks to the scope. One hunter was able to knock down a whitetail deer from about 500 yards out. ​Why it Stands Out to Us This .243 rifle is tough all over and has just enough firepower to knock down big game targets. In short, it’s the kind of rifle you’ll want if you’re looking for something that will last you a long time and has the stopping power that will help you rack up some serious trophy kills. Plus, the addition of the scope is an added bonus for those who probably want to save time and money rather than find a scope separate from the rifle itself. ​Who Will "Use This Most" This .243 rifle will definitely be a hot choice among deer hunters. It would be hard to imagine what other applications this .243 can be used for. More specifically, this will be used for hunters who not only will look for deer, but also hogs and bears to name a few. ​What Could Be Improved and Why One of the things that could warrant an improvement is making the adjustments for windage and elevation to be a little easier and smooth. There will be times when your shots will be a little off to the left or too high. That’s already a frustration within itself. So why make it more difficult with stiff adjustments. ​Bottom Line If you’re looking for a rifle that might be considered one of the best, the Remington 700 ADL Stainless .243 rifle could be right up your alley. It’s tough all over and packs a punch like nothing else. It might just be the ideal deer hunting rifle for you and the many avid deer hunters out there. Best for the Money: ​ Mossberg - "Patriot Bantam Rimfire" 20IN 243 "Win Blue Scope" 3X9 5+1RD CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros "Super Accurate Shooting" Lightweight and Easy To Carry Scope Magnification Levels are Decent Reduced Recoil is Noticeable Right Out of the Box Durable All Over, It Can Handle Bumps and Bangs Cons Trigger Pull Might Be a Little Gritty "Scope Adjustments Might" Be a Little Stiff The Scope Might Be a Little Blurry at Some Magnification Levels What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were satisfied to see this rifle at an affordable price. Especially one that has a scope included. One user said that he was happy with the scope overall and was surprised by how far he was able to sight it. All and all, most concluded that it was an affordable hunting rifle. Why it Stands Out to Us The rifle might be not as high-end as most rifles. But it still can deal a good amount of damage. Especially when you’re using it against most big game like deer and hog. It’s accurate, the scope is pretty good for a generic, and it’s got reduced recoil right from the get-go. This makes us question whether it really is a “budget” rifle. Who Will Use This Most This will be used as a possible starter rifle for those who are new to hunting big game. While it has enough stopping power to deal with the deer and other animals, it’s easy to use and right in the budget range of most new hunters. Those starting out may be looking for something affordable, to begin with. What Could Be Improved and Why There are some improvements that should be made. First, make the adjustments for windage and elevation more simple to use. Another possible improvement is making the pull weight on the trigger a little light. This way, it will be much easier to get a quick shot off. Bottom Line The Mossberg Patriot Super Bantam Rifle is your best choice for a rifle that will give you reliability, accuracy, and some pretty potent stopping power all rolled into one. Even better, it’s affordable for most budgets. If you’re looking for a rifle that won’t break the bank, you’re looking right at it. Best .243 Bolt Action Rifle: Browning - X-Bolt Micro Midas 20IN 243 Winchester 4+1RD CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Reduced Recoil Right Out of the Box Includes a Scope, Has Excellent Image Quality Firepower is Pretty Good "For Hunting Purposes" Very Accurate Shooting From Various Distances Adjustments For Windage and Elevation Are Easy to Use Cons Eye Relief is Suspect Trigger Pull Weight Might Be a Little Heavier "For Some Users" Some of the Scope’s Magnification Levels Might Cause the Image to Go Blurry ​What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were satisfied with this rifle for a few reasons. First and foremost, they were happy to report that the bolt action movement was smooth and had no stiffness to it. Though the scope was a generic brand, it was surprisingly reliable and accurate for most shooters. Some of them were hunters that were able to reach out and touch their targets as far as 400 to 600 yards out. ​Why it Stands Out to Us This rifle looks pretty good for a hunting rifle. Of course, it comes as a complete package (AKA the scope is included). It reminds us of a classic style hunting rifle that could be passed down from your father or grandfather. The wood finish looks like it can pass off as a timeless relic of ages past. ​Who Will Use This Most This will be used by shooters who appreciate nothing more than a good old fashioned bolt action rifle . It will be used by hunters and target shooters alike. Especially those who want to make the most out of hitting their targets that are situated from some pretty far distances. A .243 can travel quite far and this rifle proves that it can be done so long as you sight in the scope properly. ​What Could Be Improved and Why The .243 does pack some punch, and the eye relief on this scope might not be doing you any favors. So one thing that could improve would be to make the eye relief a little more generous for users. This way, it will make looking through the scope much easier and target acquisition a lot faster. ​ Bottom Line If you like bolt action rifles and want to add one to your already growing collection of guns, the Browning X- "Bolt Micro Midas" rifle might be exactly what you’re looking for. Smooth loading and reliable shooting are just a couple things you’ll get out of a rifle like this. Once you get the hang of this rifle, it will be easy to just quickly load up and knock down your target. Best Youth .243 Rifle: ​ Savage Axis II XP Compact .243 Win 20" Rifle w/ Bushnell Scope CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Recoil is Reasonable The Trigger is Easy To Adjust Scope’s Tubing is Quite Durable Excellent Rifle For Younger Hunters "The Image Picture" is Clear, No Blurriness Included Cons The Recoil Pad Might Be a Little Thin For Some Sighting in Might Be a Challenge For Some Users The Barrel May Rust Easily if It’s Not Taken Care of Properly ​What Recent Buyers Report Many recent buyers were able to hit their targets from pretty good distances. One user said he purchased this rifle for his daughter. She was able to hit a buck from a pretty good distance. Plus, the rifle was at the perfect size for most youth shooters. ​Why it Stands Out to Us Youth hunters are on the rise these days. So they’ll need a rifle that will start them out with their long and possibly successful hunting adventures. The rifle has quite a bit of reach. So it will make hunting so exciting for the younger kids. Especially when they’re able to knock down a target from some long distances. Aside from that, it comes in a camo finish which gives it that classic hunting rifle look. ​Who Will Use This Most This will be used by youth hunters. Because hunting is a classic past time, this rifle can be passed down from one youth to the next. If you’re looking for a rifle that will be easier to use for your child or grandchild, this rifle will have enough length for them to have a decent length of pull. Plus the recoil will be modest, but not hard to the point where it can knock a kid down. ​What Could Be Improved and Why Since this rifle might be used by a lot of young hunters, there should be some thickness added to the recoil pad. This will mean more reduced recoil and more control for them. The last thing they want is to deal with numerous amounts of recoil that could throw them off balance and make erratic shots. ​Bottom Line If you have a child or grandchild that wants to start hunting, they’ll need a .243 rifle that will be able to stop a deer or any big game. The Savage Axis II Compact .243 is the perfect rifle to start them out with. This will give you the opportunity to take part in a rite of passage that you yourself went through as a kid. Best .243 Hunting Rifle: Ruger American .243 Win CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Very Durable Construction Recoil is Reduced Right Out of the Box Super Reliable Feeding, No Jams to Speak of Excellent For Hunting Deer and Other Big Game Lightweight and Easy to Carry For Long Periods of Time Cons No Sights Included "Trigger Pull Might" Be a Bit Heavy Trigger Adjustment Might Be Stiff at Times What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were deer hunters. Some have also been hunting bears, varmint, and even hogs. They were satisfied with how accurate they could shoot with targets situated at various distances. They also mentioned that the rifle had just enough stopping power to stop an animal right in its tracks. Why it Stands Out to Us The .243 is obviously one of the most popular rifles for the purpose of hunting. This one, in particular, is no exception. It’s all-around solid thanks to the lightweight synthetic stock. As expected, it’s built to take on all kinds of bumping, banging, and all other kinds of impact. Who Will Use This Most This will be a rifle that will be favored mostly by deer hunters. But that’s not to say it’s useless against other animals. It’s also a rifle that can be used by hunters who want a hunting buddy by their side that’s durable and has the ability to last a long time. Synthetic materials are expected to last longer than usual materials like wood, so the chances of that happening are pretty good. What Could Be Improved and Why Since there are no sights included, it would be convenient to add either sights or a scope mount. Accuracy is so dang important when it comes to hunting, and you want to knock down your target with pinpoint accuracy each and every time. With the addition of either or, it will definitely give you a better hit probability. ​Bottom Line If you’re looking for a .243 that is built for hunting, the Ruger American .243 could just be the one that you can stick with for years or generations to come. No other rifle will be able to match the firepower and reliability of this .243. But the others on the list could give it a run for its money. Give this a go with your favorite scope and you’ll almost guarantee yourself accurate kill shots almost every time. What is a .243 Best Used for? While a .243 rifle might be used for general purposes, it makes its money as a reliable hunting rifle. Specifically, varmint and big game hunting. It has a good amount of firepower that will be able to hit any target. Too much firepower for varmint? Not really. But it can do some serious damage, nonetheless. Conclusion A great .243 rifle will be in your hands at some point in the not so distant future. That is if you decide to go with one of the six rifles listed above. If you want to make the most out of your hunting experience, a great .243 rifle will help you yield great results and write all kinds of hunting stories that you will never stop telling. Choose your rifle wisely since it might be one that will stick with you for years to come. People Also Ask The following is a list of frequently asked questions asked by new buyers. Use this to your advantage so it will give you additional information about what the .243 rifle can do. Here are the following questions: Is a .243 a Good Varmint Gun? Indeed it is. In fact, it’s pretty good for both varmint and coyotes as well. The .243 has the stopping power to knock down even some larger predators that might wreak some havoc on your property (assuming you have livestock that graze or reside on your property). Can You Kill a Deer With a .243 Rifle? Yes. It can kill a deer. However, it’s considered a starter caliber for those who are new to deer hunting. Once you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can upgrade to another rifle caliber like a .30-06 or 30-30. Is a .243 Good Elk Rifle? It’s passable, to say the least. However, elk hunting will probably require something that may require some even heavier firepower. Will the kill shots be instant? Not likely. It may take a couple of shots at best to knock it down. What is the Best Grain Bullet for .243? Most .243 rounds will range from 80 grain to 100 grain. It will depend on how far you want the shot to go. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the bullet the faster it can travel. For example, an 80 grain round can go as fast as 3000 feet per second.

Best AR-15 Flash Hiders of 2020 Complete Review

Best AR-15 Flash Hiders of 2020  Complete Review

Finding the best AR-15 flash hider might be a challenge. But if you know exactly what you’re looking for, the search process gets a little easier. You want something that will minimize the flash and reduce a considerable amount of recoil at the same time. As part of your search, we’ve decided to compile a list of five of the best AR-15 flash hiders currently being sold on the market. Before we unveil our list, we’ll be giving you an explanation on what a flash hider is and what it actually does. We’ll also give you a brief guide on how to choose a flash hider for your own AR-15 rifle. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for AR 15 Flash Hiders OUR TOP PICK: PSA A2 Flash Hider Precision Armament - Efab Hybrid Flash Hider 22 Cal Smith Enterprise - Vortex Arc Helix Flash Hider 22 Cal Advanced Armament - 51T Flash Hider 22 Cal Comparison Chart of the Best AR-15 Flash Hiders IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick PSA A2 Flash Hider Made From High-Quality Materials Fits AR-15 Rifles. Also Fits M4s, M16s, Etc. Right-Handed Threads Measured ½ x 28 View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Precision Armament - "Efab Hybrid Flash" Hider 22 Cal Can Work for Barrels 10 Inches Long and Up Gas Ports Included Except for the Bottom Part to Prevent Any Dust Kick Up Crafted From Heat-Treated Stainless Steel for Durability and Heat Resistance "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Smith Enterprise - Vortex Arc "Helix Flash Hider" 22 Cal Best Value for the Money Vortex Design for Better Gas Rerouting "Made From High" -Quality Steel for Durability and Heat Resistance View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Advanced Armament - 51T Flash Hider 22 Cal Chambered for 5.56 and .223 Shots Minimizes Flash in Low Light Conditions Made From High-Quality Steel for Superior Durability and Heat Resistance View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews What is a Flash Hider and How Do They Work? The purpose of a flash hider is to reroute the gasses that cause the AR-15 rifle to “flash” while firing your shots. This is one of the best tools to have if you’re looking to eliminate any chance of exposure, especially in low light or complete darkness. They are also designed to prevent night blindness, which can be caused by rifle flash. A flash hider will take the gasses and unburnt powder that causes these flashes and reroutes them safely and prevents blowback. Source What Makes a Great Flash Hider? Knowing what separates a great flash hider from one that is considered low-quality and crappy is important, especially when you’re looking for a flash hider for your own AR-15 rifle. If you’re a first-time buyer, it would be wise for you to refer to this list while you’re shopping for your own flash hider. The following list is based on aspects past buyers and owners have taken into consideration: Material Gun manufacturers hold quality to the highest of standards, especially in the U.S.A., where most manufacturers place strict guidelines to ensure that guns and accessories are top quality and long-lasting for their customers. The material that is mostly used for these flash hiders is steel. Steel is designed to wear down less and will also take on all kinds of abuse, especially when it’s dealing with multiple rounds of gunfire. Price As a budget shopper, sometimes a great flash hider might come in the form of an affordable price tag. While it should not be the only deciding factor, most affordable flash hiders are actually great in quality. As a rule of thumb, if you’re on a budget, you should invest in the best flash hider you can possibly afford. Especially one that will last you years or even decades. Installation Most AR-15 rifle owners do not have any expert level gunsmithing skills. As we have hand-picked these flash hiders for our review list, we made sure that they were drop-in style flash hiders. These will require the right kind of tools for a smooth, problem-free installation. Most flash hiders take minutes to install and will be ready to go later that same day. Quick Take - The Best AR-15 Flash Hiders These are our recommendations for the best AR-15 flash hiders: PSA A2 Flash Hider Precision Armament - Efab Hybrid Flash Hider 22 Cal Smith Enterprise - Vortex Arc Helix Flash Hider 22 Cal Review of the Best AR-15 Flash Hiders Below are five of the best AR-15 flash hiders currently on the market. As you look through all of them carefully, be sure to take notes on what features or functions interest you the most. Also, pay attention to any of the pros and cons so you know exactly what to expect should you choose a specific flash hider. Now, let’s begin this list by unveiling our “best overall” choice: Best Overall: PSA A2 Flash Hider CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install Super Durable Reduces a Lot of Flash and Reduces a Lot of Recoil Cons Does Not Include Any Crush Washers First on the docket, we’ll be taking a look at the PSA A2 Flash Hider. If you’re looking for a flash suppressor that will best fit your AR-15 rifle, then this might be it. This also has the ability to fit other rifles like your M16s or M4s. This is made from high-quality materials, making it impervious to any damage and can handle multiple rounds. Through tens, hundreds, even thousands of rounds, this little unit will be able to handle it. This product will reroute any gas or unburned powder and suppress any flash, which is perfect if you’re looking to stay hidden in some situations like night hunting or a home defense situation. In times when you need your AR-15 the most, you’ll have a flash hider in your corner that will deliver a superb performance. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, the PSA A2 could be the one you’re looking for. Bottom Line This deserves the “best overall” honor. Plus, for the price it’s going for, this will give you top-notch performance in preventing night blindness and providing you all kinds of stealth in certain applications. At the same time, recoil reduction is quite noticeable. And that equals to consistently accurate shots. If accuracy is something you hold to a high standard, then the PSA A2 flash hider might be worth the investment. Runner-up: Precision Armament - Efab Hybrid Flash Hider 22 Cal CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install No Gas Blowback at All Muzzle Jump and Recoil Reduction Very Noticeable Cons Side Blast Does Occur. So Those Around You Might Be Affected by Some Gas Blast. Next, we’ll be taking a look at the EFAB Hybrid Flash Hider by Precision Armament. This has the ability to suppress the flash on rifles with barrels measuring from 10 inches in length and up. The unique design allows for gas to quickly reroute and deploy in different directions. This way, you won’t have to worry about gas blowing back in your face. At the same time, it will also do a good job hiding any kind of flash that may otherwise give away your position or throw you off course. Like any other great flash hider, this also does a good job providing you with consistently accurate shooting thanks to its ability to reduce recoil. This is also a good product to have if you hate the idea of having your rifle kick up so much dust. There are all kinds of gas ports throughout the flash hider itself except in one part, the bottom. If you shoot your AR-15 rifle in the prone position, you don’t have to worry about your rifle kicking up dust every time you shoot. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any dust or dirt ending up in your barrel. If you’re looking for something that will reduce a lot of recoil and keep your muzzle clean, the Precision Armament might be exactly what you’re looking for. Bottom Line The Precision Armament flash hider is probably one of the best alternatives to the PSA A2. The design is quite impressive and does a good job rerouting the gas and reducing the recoil in your rifle. That alone will give your accuracy a jump. No matter what application you use your AR-15 for, accuracy is always the most important thing to have. If you want to turn your AR-15 into a sharpshooting machine, it starts with finding the right kind of flash hider. If this is something that piques your interest, you know you’ve found your answer in the Precision Armament brand. Best For The Money: Smith Enterprise - Vortex Arc Helix Flash Hider 22 Cal CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Super Accurate Shooting Installation is Simple. No Crush Washer Needed No Flash to Be Found Thanks to the Vortex Design Cons None If you’re a budget shopper, there’s a flash hider out there for you as well. Say hello to the Vortex Arc Helix Flash Hider from Smith Enterprise. What you’ll notice first and foremost is this interesting looking design. The design is vortex-like (hence the name). This has the ability to reroute any gas and unburned power that would otherwise cause flash in your AR-15 rifle. And it also is field-tested and proven to provide consistently accurate shots each time you pull the trigger. It also passes the heat treatment test as it can handle the heat produced by a long shooting session at the range. If you’re looking for something that will give you better accuracy, better stealth, and less gas blowback without breaking the bank, the Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash Hider should be a finalist on your short list of choices. This is made of high-quality steel. Not only will it withstand the heat from your rifle, but it will also withstand the impact of every single round you fire off. If you’re looking for something that will hold its own after hundreds or even thousands of shots, the Smith Enterprise product could be the next thing to add onto your AR-15 rifle. Bottom Line Not surprisingly, this exceeds all kinds of expectations. If you’re looking for something that’s ineffective and flimsy, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. The Smith Enterprise is arguably one of the best flash hiders on the market for a few good reasons. For the price it’s going for, you’ll think you’re stealing this. In fact, if you choose this, you’re getting a lot more than what you pay for. The design is impressive and you’ll immediately notice a reduction in recoil. On top of that, you get no flash or muzzle jump, ever. Not bad for a budget product, we think. If you don’t want to break the bank but want a high performing item to go nicely with your AR-15 rifle, you may want to get the Smith Enterprise flash hider. 4. Advanced Armament - 51T Flash Hider 22 Cal CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Very Easy to Install A Lot of Recoil Reduction No Flash to Speak of, Especially in Low Light or Complete Darkness Cons Tends to Make an Audible “Ping” Sound Every Time You Fire Your Rifle Up next, we’ll be taking a look at the Advanced Armament 51T Flash Hider. The design looks slightly similar to the "Smith Enterprise Vortex" , but it’s a three-pronged design that is used to suppress your rifle’s flash and reroute the gasses that amplify it. If you’re looking for something that will give you an advantage in low light or complete darkness, this product may be the one you rely on, especially if you’re out hunting for coyotes at night or if using it in a home defense situation. On top of that, you’ll also notice an immediate reduction in recoil once you install this on your rifle. Imagine having to go from a ton of recoil to almost none of it in a matter of minutes. This will obviously make your shots a lot more accurate. If you hate the idea of missing your targets every time, a good flash hider could be the solution to that problem. This product from AA is field tested and passes with flying colors. This is heat-treated and stress-tested to ensure this will last you as long as possible. If you’re looking for a flash hider that might be the last one you’ll buy in a while, consider getting the AA as your long-term solution. Bottom Line If you’re looking for something that’s durable, reliable, and will serve as your best friend in the applications that matter most, the AA could be the one you can call your own. As expected, this does its job as advertised. No flash, very little recoil, and no muzzle jump. On top of that, this is the best option if you’re looking for a product that has the potential to last you years or even decades. Imagine having a flash hider that will still work just as effectively ten years from now. It can happen and it just might with this product. 5. Faxon Firearms - Streamline Flash Hider CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install Consistent Accurate Shooting Reduction in Recoil is Almost Instant Cons One Reviewer Had an Issue With the Crush Washer During Installation. Lastly, we’ll be taking a look at the Faxon Firearms "Streamline Flash Hider" . If you’re looking to give your rifle’s barrel a little bit of an extension, then the Streamline might be something worth a closer look. This has a total of three gas ports designed to reroute any gas and expel any unburned powder in the process. As a result, you’ll have no flash to see and very little recoil to work with. This is made from high-quality steel complete with a QPQ finish for added durability. If you want the best in accurate shooting and reliability, the FF Streamline Flash Hider might look pretty good on your AR-15 rifle. This product is best used for .223 caliber AR-15 rifles . If you’re having a hard time finding something exclusively for that caliber, suffer no longer. Bottom Line The FF Streamline Flash Hider is probably something worth the investment if you like the overall design and the way it functions overall. Expect the recoil to be kept to a minimum upon initial use. And though we have said this almost to the point of ad nauseum, you will be able to get a lot of accurate shots each and every time. Don’t be surprised when your shot groups are a lot tighter than usual after installing this bad boy on your rifle. To top it off, it will make your barrel look slightly longer than usual. So you get not only the feel and function of how a rifle should be but also the look of a long-barreled rifle that will make heads turn at the range. Pros and Cons of Flash Hiders There are some advantages you’ll expect from using a flash hider. However, it does come with its share of disadvantages as well. Here is a brief list of what you’ll expect should you install a flash hider on your AR-15 rifle: Pros First, lets start with some of the advantages a flash hider provides. No Night Blindness If you’re using your AR-15 in low light or night conditions, you place yourself at a much greater risk for night blindness due to the flash. This could pose a hazard in a situation like a home defense situation, especially if you’re dealing with multiple attackers. A great flash hider will not only prevent this from happening, but it will also give you a lot of stealth in low light or complete darkness. Better Accuracy As you will notice with most flash hiders, they also have the ability to reduce recoil and eliminate muzzle jump. As this happens, you’ll notice your shots will become more accurate with consistency. This is no accident. Recoil can be a major culprit in why your shots are not as accurate as they should be. No Blowback In Your Face You hate the idea of having gas blowing back in your face, right? Of course you do. Most designs will have a number of gas ports included to reroute any gas that may otherwise blow right back in your face. The gas will go in all other directions as your fire each and every shot. Cons Now, lets look at the limitations of using a flash hider. Side Blast May Occur One of the common disadvantages will be side blast. Since the design of most of these will purposely reroute gas in different directions, side blast may affect those in the general vicinity. Because of this, some flash hiders may not even be range-friendly as it may affect people nearby. Not as Effective in The Daytime Yes, while it might help you out in low light conditions or at night, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of avoiding night blindness in the day time. But as a side consolation prize, you’ll still be able to enjoy some advantages like accurate shooting due to the reduction of recoil and muzzle jump. Conclusion The best AR-15 flash hider is out there. If you know what you want to get out of them, you’ll find the right one in no time. These are excellent to have, especially in situations where you are able to defend your home or while you’re hunting for varmints or predators at night. Regardless of the application, a flash hider will prove itself useful in the long run. Find one that best fits your personal needs and preferences and enjoy the wide range of benefits and advantages you’ll have out in the field or in a situation where your life is on the line.

4 Best ACOG Scopes [Hands-On]

Trending: Best Places to Buy Ammo Online and [Buyer's Guide] 7 Best AR-15s If you told me today that I was going to war , and I had to choose my kit right now… do you know what optic I would take? I’d bypass all the Eotechs, Aimpoints, Nightforces, Leupolds, and Schmidt and Benders of the optics world and settle on one optic, the Trijicon ACOG . Ya’ Boy with an ACOG equipped M249 Helmand Province Afg 2009 Find out why… plus how to figure out the best model for you (since there’s a lot of them). Trijicon ACOG Lineup Now complete with a full YouTube video too: Table of Contents Loading... Why the ACOG? Well, it helps I’ve already been to war with it once. I’ve also trained extensively with it, put thousands and thousands of rounds downrange with one, and would genuinely trust my life to it. Of all the gear that I carried and was issued two pieces stand out to me, the M240B machine gun and the Trijicon ACOG . They were two pieces of kit I have no complaints about and never saw fail . I’ve seen combat with ACOG, and it performed admirably under pressure, and the design’s versatility and simplicity made it stand out. We’ll take a little more on this later, for now, let’s look at what an ACOG is. What is an ACOG? ACOG is a name for an entire line of optics that vary in size, reticle magnification, and even illumination power. Trijicon ACOG Models Top Down View ACOG stands for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight . These are fixed power optics that can range from 1.5x to 6x with plenty of options in between. There are a total of 12 different ACOG variants, with well over a dozen different reticle combinations. While some come powered via battery, but they are mostly known for using a mixture of tritium and fiber optics to illuminate the reticle. Here’s a comparison chart straight from Trijicon ( full image here ): ACOG Comparison Chart, Trijicon The fiber optics absorb light and power it during the day. In the absence of light, the tritium kicks in and gives the reticle a slight glow. A Fellow Squad Member with an M16A4 and an ACOG That long red tube you see on top of ACOG is where light is absorbed and used to illuminate the optic. There are some cons though. The system self-regulates. This means the brighter it is outside, the brighter the reticle is. It is night vision compatible as well. My Experience My experience is tied to the oh so sexily named and not confusing at all TA31RCO-A4CP and TA31RCO-M4CP ACOGs. Trjicon ACOG TA31 4x32mm 1090 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 1090 at Brownells Compare prices (2 found) Brownells (See Price) OpticsPlanet (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing The optics are identical, but the A4CP was designed for the M16A4 and the M4CP for the M4 Carbine. The difference between the two is easy to miss and is due to the fact the optic uses a BDC, and the rifle’s barrel lengths are different. The difference in barrel lengths creates a difference in ballistics to include bullet drop. These particular models are 4X with a 32mm objective lens. Both optics utilize the same BDC reticle layout that extends out to 800 meters. My Squad Helmand Province 2009 – Lots of ACOGs BDC reticles are extremely common on ACOG scopes. The vast majority of ACOG reticles incorporate some form of BDC. When it comes to known distance ranges, I’ve only ever gone to out to 500 yards with the ACOG. I will attest out to 500 yards, after the meter to yards conversion is done, it’s dead on. It made rifle qual every year a walk in the park. The Reticle So Many Reticle Options If you’re not familiar with a bullet drop compensating, or BDC, you should be. These specific reticles are popular on most ACOGs and provide predetermined aiming points for bullet drop. The reticle is very specifically tuned to the type of 5.56 load, projectile weight, and the barrel length. Close up of reticle The reticle has predetermined aiming points that allow you to place that aiming point on a target and have a reasonable expectation that the round will hit the target. As you can see it’s somewhat self-explanatory. The 4 and 6 are used for 400 and 600 meters respectively. What’s not explanatory is where do you aim at the 100, 200, and 300-meter line? Well, I can explain, or I can steal a slide from a USMC presentation… ACOG BDC, thanks USMC! Does this make a little more sense now? If you look to your right, while keeping your hands and arms in the vehicle, you may notice the target perfectly aligning in width with drop down hash marks. Also please notice how the hash marks are slowing getting shorter as they descended. This still isn’t all of them…. Why is That? The reticle also has a built-in rangefinder. The hash marks, starting at 400 yards are designed to replicate the width of an average man’s shoulders. Since targets get smaller as they get further from the shooter the lines are. In the USMC we shoot at 500 yards on man sized targets and the lines work perfectly. It was always something we made sure to note for young Marines. Courtesy USMC Admittedly in combat, this isn’t exactly easy to use outside of an ambush situation. It’s merely a tool for the box and does allow for scoping suspicious characters carrying AKs. What Else Rocks about the ACOG? The ACOG is a near invincible optic. In my experience, it’s a freakin’ tank. Going to war is one big test for sure, but people don’t understand just how rough predeployment training can be. We go hard in the desert, in the snow, everywhere. Lots of time on the range and in the field. They get roughed up, and they bounce off walls in MOUT, they ride in Humvees, MRAPS, Tracks and more. My second deployment had me going out to sea with a Marine Expeditionary Unit. This gave the ACOG plenty of time to be exposed to salt water and bumped and dumped in places like the UAE, Romania, Spain, Djibouti, and a few more. After two deployments and five years with an ACOG equipped weapon, I have never had one break on me. I’ve also never seen one go down when used by another Marine. I know more than one guy who was carrying an ACOG when they were hit with an IED. This will affect your zero… One literally stopped a bullet and saved a Marine’s life once …. Thankfully outside of some minor injuries, my friends and their ACOGs were perfectly fine. From Trijicon’s website, the ACOG is drop proof, shockproof, fog proof and can be fully submerged to 100 meters. Our Own Torture Testing Recently we did some torture testing of high-end optics…and the ACOG triumphed. Water submersion…easy. Cold and hot temperatures affecting zero…pssh. Freezing Trijicon TA-02 ACOG Then we shot it…starting from rat shot to .410 #9 birdshot, 12ga #7.5 birdshot, and finally .22LR Mini-Mag. Trijicon TA-02 Acog .22 LR Minimag Damage It was a perfect shot on the battery compartment…but the rest of the optical system was untouched. Zero held too. Check out the full High-End Optics Torture Test to see what happened to the EOTechs and Aimpoints in the test… Group Shot of Destroyed Optics Clarity? Usually, clarity is something we all love to talk about when it comes to optics, but with the ACOG it seems like clarity is second to everything else. However, it does need to be mentioned eventually. The Trijicon ACOG is a brilliantly clear optic. The glass is magnificent and extremely strong. It allows you to see and differentiate between different potential targets easily. ADS with an ACOG The optic does exceptionally well in low light situations, and unless it is pitch black, you’ll be able to use the optic at night. The ACOG’s clarity was a big deal to us. We used our ACOGs to scope any and everything. This includes trash that could be bombs, guys who could be carrying AKs, and for doing more mundane tasks like spotting crossing for the canals that were all around the countryside. What About Close Quarters? One thing I always hear regarding the ACOG is, “What about CQB?” How do you use a 4x optic in close range shooting? Trijicon ACOG TA44c View Thru That’s a good question, but it’s one easily answered. The ACOG can be just as useful as a red dot scope when you employ the Bindon Aiming Concept . The Bindon Aiming concept was created by Trijicon founder Glyn Bindon. Not every ACOG reticle is compatible with the "Bindon Aiming Concept" , but most are. The reticle has to give sufficient contrast to the background of the target. The BAC is simple, just keep both your eyes opened when you are looking through the optic. Your dominant eye should be focusing through the optic, and your nondominant eye should be observing the field in front of you. When focusing on a close quarters target the optic will act almost like a red dot. Courtesy USMC With the reticle superimposed over your vision and works extremely well. The brain is taking two images, the magnified image, and the unmagnified image and combine them together. The end result is a red dot just placed over your vision. We shooting a number of ‘Tables’ in the Marine Corps. Tables in the Marine Corps are a set of shooting drills all combined into one long exercise. Tables 2,3, and 4 all fired at relatively close ranges. After a lot of practice, I became pretty damn good with the Bindon Aiming Concept. To go back to the magnified view you can either close your nondominant eye or learn to focus with just your dominant eye. The real way to use the BAC is to learn how to alternate focusing your eyes. ACOG Downsides So as much as I love this optic, it’s not entirely perfect. The ACOG is designed for combat, and a lot of its advantages do have a few cons. Battery-free illumination is excellent, and a self-regulating reticle is also pretty handy. The problem arises when its super bright outside the reticle becomes super bright. Too bright to be honest. A universal cure in the Marines was to place tape over the red strip that collects light. That would often help dim the reticle just a bit. Afghanistan is a sunny place, but the reticle would get bright enough to make your eye uncomfortable. Also, the reticle auto adjusts to where you are, not where your target is. If you are in a dim environment, like inside a building, and aiming at something outside that’s a bit brighter your reticle will still be dim. Meme Lyf It’s even worse if you are in a bright environment and aiming into a dark background. The reticle will make it almost impossible to see your target inside a darkened environment with a raging red reticle. The issue with using tritium to gather light is that it will eventually die. This does take years, and years to ever happen, but it will die. This can be a hard pill to swallow when you are looking at spending 1200 or more dollars on a scope. There are now battery powered ACOGs that found a way to beat this problem. They are limited to only a few models though. The ACOG is great, but Browe Optics is producing what’s best described as the ACOG Gen 2. These battery powered optics do away with a lot of the ACOG’s weaknesses. That being said I’ve never taken one to war and back so I don’t have the necessary experience to say which is better. I’d like to point out though that Browe was founded by the man that was Trijicon’s Director of Operations, so he and his company is very familiar with the product and what goes into a great optic. Best ACOGs SQUAD Since we’ve already taken a peek at the USMC’s ACOGs (TA31) I figured we can shop around a bit and show off some of the other ACOGs out there. And keep in mind the retail prices we show are pretty different (lower) than the MSRPs shown in the YouTube video. SQUAD, AGAIN 1. Trijicon TA02 4×32 ACOG Battery Powered Goodness First up, we’ve got the Trijicon TA02 , which actually does utilize a single AA battery to illuminate the .223 reticle inside the optic – the first ACOG model to offer user-selectable levels of brightness. As mentioned above, an occasional criticism of other ACOGs that use tritium or fiber optics to illuminate the reticle is that direct light or shadow on the optic can occasionally give you a mismatch in illumination compared to your environment – and obviously being able to select that illum level yourself works around that. Right off the bat, you’re going to notice that most models of ACOG are going to have some pretty shallow eye-relief, meaning you’re going to need the correct standoff distance between the length of pull on your gun to use this thing correctly. Basically, you’ll want to find that sweet spot. As a result, target acquisition isn’t super fast, but again, it’s a 4x optic and that’s not really what it’s meant to be used for. That being said, the reticle is BRIGHT in daylight conditions, and the brightness adjustment knob has a super handy feature where each click between brightness levels turns the optic off. We much prefer that option compared to most other optics on the market where you’ve gotta scroll from 1 all the way back to 11 if you need the highest brightness setting. Daytime bright! ~3pm Sun. The reticle itself is sort of the classic ACOG chevron, and includes bullet drop calculations for .223 all the way out to 800m, though unfortunately our local desert spot only punches out to about ~200 or so. The TA02 includes a thumbscrew picatinny mount that’ll mount directly to your gun’s rail, though it can be removed if you need or want to mount it to an AR carry handle for whatever probably stupid reason. Or if you absolutely refused to ditch your (detachable?) carry handle 🤷‍♂️ The optic also includes an RMR mount that sits a tiny bit further forward than what you’ll find on most other ACOGs, giving you the option to have a back up red dot for close-range shots when 4x is overkill. Trijicon also advertises the TA02 as night vision compatible, though we suspect that’s probably aimed more at mounting a PVS14 or something similar on your gun itself, as attempting to crane your neck over to aim through an ACOG while wearing NODs sounds like it’d suck pretty hard. Trijicon ACOG TA02 4x32mm 1100 at OpticsPlanet Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 1100 at OpticsPlanet Prices accurate at time of writing With an MSRP of about $1,500 or so, the TA02 is a bit brutal on the wallet – though there’s a definite step up in both the illumination and the crystal clear quality of the glass that comes along with that price tag, thankfully. Blap. 2. Trijicon TA648 6x48mm ACOG Up next, we’ve got the super chunky TA648 – a 6x riflescope that utilizes both tritium and a fiber optic scrolly wheel thing to deliver illumination to its reticle. Using the same type of chevron found in the TA02, the 648 is apparently specifically tuned to the ballistic trajectory of the issued M855 round, and indicates via a tiny ‘A4’ in the optic itself that it’s meant to be paired with the 20” barrel of an M16A4. The reticle is a bit more dim on the 648 than on other models, but it’s definitely still visible in bright conditions. Not quite as bright, but still Gucci. The fiber optic wheel also allows you to only use the tritium glow if you find yourself in darker conditions, but you’re definitely going to want to keep that bad boy opened up if you’re in anything close to bright midday sun. Scroll the textured wheel to the side to select how much light is allowed to hit the fiber optic. However, this is maybe one of the heaviest optics we’ve ever had the chance to play with, coming in at a thicc 2lbs, 6oz. However, the optic’s own weight does itself mitigate the already minimal recoil on our PSA AR seen here – making follow up shots while stationary quite nice considering the reticle doesn’t move much. You’ve also got a massive amount of rail space on the 648 – enough to mount a full size micro red dot on the optic if for whatever reason you wanted something a bit bigger than an RMR. Such as, you know, every optic you own. It’s worth noting that the bulk of the 648 can make accessing your charging handle a little bit annoying if you’re not running an upgraded one, as the optic itself sorta gets in the way. It’s not world-ending, but it is slightly obnoxious. The face says it all. With an MSRP of approximately 3,000 dollars, the TA648 is obviously not going to be for everyone – considering the vast majority of us probably don’t spend anywhere near that on our army of poverty pony AR-15s. Trijicon ACOG TA648 6x48mm 1950 at OpticsPlanet Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 1950 at OpticsPlanet Compare prices (2 found) OpticsPlanet (See Price) Brownells (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing BUT, if you’re inclined to pick up a fixed, 6x riflescope with a dope reticle, and a level of bombproof construction that feels like you could beat someone to death with it – maybe takeout another mortgage and grab one. Welp, guess that’s where my velcro shotgun panel went. What’s your take on the big boy ACOG? Readers' Ratings 4.46/5 (13) Your Rating? 3. Trijicon TA11F 3.5x35mm ACOG Next! The TA11F – a 3.5x ACOG specifically tuned for the M193 cartridge . Best 5.56 XM193 55 gr American Eagle XM193 55 gr 419 at Palmetto State Armory Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 419 at "Palmetto State Armory" Compare prices (3 found) Palmetto State Armory (See Price) Lucky Gunner (See Price) Brownells (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing Again, same chevron reticle as before, but notably the fiber optic on this ACOG runs from the front of the optic almost all the way back to the rear. Probably a better overall shape for capturing light. As compared to the 648’s strip of fiber optic that sits perpendicular to the plane of the scope itself, the elongated optic combined with the tritium on the 11F lends a comparable level of daytime brightness as the battery-powered TA02. A bit brighter than the 648 in afternoon sun. We actually had some issues zeroing the 11F at first – we had maxed out the elevation knob to the lowest setting it can be adjusted to and were still hitting high on our 200 yard steel But, we eventually realized that we’re dipshits and had mounted the optic slightly offset from the Picatinny rail on our AR, causing the optic to sit at a stupid diagonal angle. Absolutely our fault, and once we got it fixed, getting it zeroed was business as usual. There’s not a ton to say about this individual model, and we’re not entirely sure why you’d want a 3.5x optic when the vast majority of ACOGs are 4x – but it does it’s job fine! Just about the same eye relief as the other models above, with maybe just a smidge of faster target acquisition speed considering the slight reduction in magnification. You’ve got your standard RMR mount included as well. Adding an adapter plate will allow you to throw an RMR right on those wings for close-up stuff. and we wish that we could show you what an RMR looks like, but unfortunately, ours permanently lives on one of our Grey Ghost Precision glock slides due to some stripped Allen screws. We don’t want to talk about it. The face says it all, Pt2. The TA11F comes in at about $1600 – and like we said, is pretty no frills as far as ACOGs go, but even a no frills ACOG is still a damn cool and high quality optic. Trijicon ACOG TA11F 3.5x35mm 1050 at OpticsPlanet Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 1050 at OpticsPlanet Compare prices (2 found) OpticsPlanet (See Price) Brownells (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing The underside of this rail looked like it fell off of a mountain when I was done shooting from these rocks for the day, though. 4. Trijicon TA44-C 1.5x16mm ACOG Lil’ Nugget The TA44-C is a 1.5x zoom tiny boy that sort of sits in a weird middle ground between rifle scope and red dot. Honestly, this one’s pretty out there. The green reticle and fiber optic are pretty rad and way brighter / clearer than any green red dots we’ve fired, but – it’s still an ACOG, with an ACOG’s eye relief. Sorry for the blur – our camcorder fell off the back of the gun while shooting. For us, this feels a bit odd, as the 1.5x zoom and super low profile (for an ACOG) mean that it’s obviously intended more for fast target acquisition and close up shots. But the fact that you’re not going to have a clear view through the optic unless your eyes are in the exact right spot means that it doesn’t do that job quite as well as your standard holographic or red dot sight, in our opinions. We also mounted the 44-C to a Bobro throw lever mount – giving it just enough height to be able to used comfortably on a standard AR- flat top rail. The spring tension in the throw lever will nail you in the knuckles pretty hard if you’re not paying attention, though. While this is one of the lightest ACOGs around at just 4.9oz, we’re not super sure what you’d actually use this for. Trijicon advertises the optic as being for both CQB teams or competition shooters, but… Ehhhh? The face says it all, Pt3 With an MSRP of $1200, we’d probably pass on thet 44-C – but if any of you that are using one see this, we’d love to hear exactly why we’re wrong in the comments section below. Trijicon ACOG TA44-C 1.5x16mm 840 at OpticsPlanet Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 840 at OpticsPlanet Prices accurate at time of writing *whoooshh* Modularity Lastly, you can add a Trijicon RMR to the top of an ACOG via a very simple plate. This is a very simple upgrade that does give you a super close range option for close quarter’s shooting. The RMR is easily the most robust miniature red dot on the market, so it’s a faithful companion to the ACOG. CQB Ready ACOG RMR Mount Trijicon RMR Mount for ACOG 62 at Amazon Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 62 at Amazon Prices accurate at time of writing Trijicon RMR – also perfect for pistols. Best Pistol Red Dot Trijicon RMR Type 2 469 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 469 at Brownells Compare prices (4 found) Brownells (See Price) OpticsPlanet (See Price) Amazon (See Price) Rainier Arms (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing Another Cog in the Gears The Trijicon ACOG is an outstanding rifle combat optic. It’s served its country well with the USMC, the Army, and Air Force. The Trijicon ACOG is a rugged, reliable and well designed and thought out combat optic. The Gold Standard might be the TA31 but we had a great time with these four other models. Trjicon ACOG TA31 4x32mm 1090 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 1090 at Brownells Compare prices (2 found) Brownells (See Price) OpticsPlanet (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing Make no mistake the Trijicon ACOG is a combat optic . It’s designed with fighting in mind, and that’s where the design comes from. Sure it can be used for other things, but its design is focused on combat, so remember that. This is my favorite rifle combat optic (so far) but what’s yours? Check out more of our favorites in Best AR-15 Optics . A Couple AR-15 Optics

Best Under the Bed Gun Safes of 2020

If you own a gun, it's your moral and logical responsibility to have a gun safe. With different storage needs come different types of gun safes on the market. One of them is the under bed gun safe, which allows you to store a gun under your bed or a similar cramped space. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of storing a gun safe under the bed, as well as the qualities of an ideal one. We will also review the best under the bed gun safes on the market to help you with making a purchase decision. So let’s begin. Best Under the Bed Gun Safes Comparison Chart Product Our Rating Price Monster Vault Under Bed Safe CHECK PRICE Hornady 98190 RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gun Locker with RFID Touch Free Entry CHECK PRICE Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6 CHECK PRICE STEALTH Handgun Hanger Safe CHECK PRICE Safety and Security King BedBunker CHECK PRICE Is Under the Bed a Good Place for a Gun Safe? Yes. Under the bed is a good place for a gun safe, and there are several reasons which support this. To name a few: Most burglaries and theft attempts happen at night . If a criminal (who is probably armed) breaks into your house at night, do you think you can reach your weapon storage in the storeroom easily? Most likely not without alarming the hostiles. This is where an under the bed gun safe comes in handy. Your weapon is just an arm's length away while you are sleeping on your bed and danger comes lurking. "Monster Vault Under" bed Safe Such a gun safe will guard your weapon against prying or curious eyes. If you have visitors coming over, especially with kids, chances are that they will explore your house inquisitively. Additionally, your own kids also fall in this same category. Keeping an under the bed gun safe keeps your weapons veiled and secure. Another advantage of an under the bed gun safe is that it saves space. If you lack the room for keeping a gun safe or do not want your weapons to be known to others, such a gun safe is a viable option for you. What Makes a Great Under the Bed Gun Safe? A great under the bed gun safe must possess certain qualities which make it more effective and worthy. These include: Solid Construction The first and foremost quality of an under the bed gun safe is, solid construction. Such a safe must be made of a sturdy, quality material, preferably with thick gauge steel. This ensures the safety of your firearms, as well as the durability of the safe. Proper Locking Mechanism ​ A gun safe must have a proper, safe locking mechanism so it can’t be bypassed. Additionally, the lock of a gun safe should be easy and quick to open and must have a backup mechanism if it is keyword or biometric based. RFID and fingerprint-based locks are the quickest and best but are dependent upon batteries. Tamper-Proof ​ An ideal under the bed gun safe must be resistant to pry attacks or any other forced attempt to open it. This ensures that nobody, including your kids, will force it open. All the safes mentioned in this review are pry-proof. Storage Space ​​ A good under the bed gun safe must have ample storage space to accommodate guns of different sizes. It is eventually your decision to choose a small or long-sized gun safe based upon the type of firearms you own. Padded Inner ​​ A good gun safe must also protect the firearms and prevent any susceptible damage or scratches. A padded inner lining also ensures that the safe itself remains silent and doesn’t rattle when moved. Quick Take - The Best Under the Bed Gun Safes These are our recommendations for the best under the bed gun safes: Monster Vault Under Bed Safe Hornady RAPiD Safe Gun Locker with RFID "Touch Free Entry" Fort "Knox Shotgun Safe" PB6 Review of the Best Under the Bed Gun Safes Based upon the ideal qualities of a good under the bed gun safe, as mentioned above, we have handpicked and reviewed the best under the bed gun safes on the market. All the gun safes mentioned in this list are approved by California’s DOJ. 1. Monster Vault Under Bed Safe This under the bed gun safe from Monster Vault is our top pick for this review. The gun safe features a solid construction with 11-gauge steel sheets on the top and bottom and 7-gauge steel sheets on the sides. This makes the safe resistant to pry attacks and ensures that no intruder is getting past it. Coming to the locking mechanism, this gun safe has a dial pad based electronic programmable lock, which allows you to set a password between 3 and 8 digits long. The lock also has a backup key in case the batteries dry out or you forget the password. The safe is huge with dimensions of 48” x 28” x 7”. To give you an idea of its storage capacity, the safe can contain up to 30 mid-sized handguns at a time, with proper spacing among each. The gun safe can be used for personal, as well as commercial, use. The safe is 100% made in the U.S.A and its quality is backed by a seven-year warranty. The safe also has pre-drilled holes in its base if you want to bolt it down to the floor. Buy Now Pros Short Height Large Storage Capacity Backup Key for the Lock Quick to Slide in and out Made in the USA with a Seven-Year Warranty Cons Bulky Absurd Keyhole Placement Not Waterproof or Fireproof Bottom Line The Monster Vault under the bed gun safe is very spacious which allows you to store your weapons, as well as other valuables, in it. The safe is completely padded on the inside and also has a backup key for emergencies. Additionally, the safe is strong, durable, and aptly priced. 2. Best Under Bed Gun Safe Runner-up: Hornady 98190 RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gun Locker with RFID Touch Free Entry Hornady is a reputed brand in the gun safe industry, and this RAPiD gun safe is a testimony to that. This 98190 RAP-iD Safe is one helluva beast. Featuring a body made from 16-gauge steel with four internal hardened locking lugs, which makes it practically impossible to break-in with manual force. The gun safe is certified child resistant and exceeds ASTM international safety standards for child safety. The gun locker also comes with a 1500lb rated cable for added security. The safe features a programmable RFID based locking mechanism which offers quick access to the content. You can program up to five different RFID cards to gain access to the safe. Additionally, the safe also has a number-based programmable lock which can be programmed for a four to six digit security code. This can also be used as a backup. The safe itself is lightweight and foam padded on the inside which can be adjusted to store handguns or rifles. Buy Now Pros AC and Battery Powered Adjustable Interior Racks Quick and Secure RFID Access Programmable Keypad for Backup Heavy 16-Gauge Steel Construction 1500 lb Rated Cable for Extra Safety Cons Somewhat Noisy Short Power Cord RFID Can be Tricky to use sometimes Bottom Line The Hornady under the bed gun safe is a heavy-duty model with programmable RFID and keypad which offers quick access to the safe . The safe is certified childproof and lightweight so you can always change its position. The safe runs on AC, as well as battery power, which is a plus. Finally, the safe is extremely well-priced and offers the best deal for money respective to its quality. 3. Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6 As the name suggests, this Fort Knox PB6 under the bed gun safe has been designed to store long firearms like shotguns or rifles. This safe has been made using 16-gauge steel on all sides which makes it practically tamper-proof. The safe is only five inches high and nine inches in width and takes up less lateral space under your bed. The safe features a simplex combination lock which can be programmed for 1081 different combinations. The best part of the lock is that it doesn’t require any batteries or electrical power whatsoever. The gun safe is childproof and also looks good because of the durable, antique, silver textured powder-coat finish. The gun safe itself weighs only 36 pounds, which is amazing if you consider its build. This under the bed gun safe is ultimately good if you don’t have enough space or want to store your gun in veiled and cramped positions for an emergency. Buy Now Pros Compact Carpet Lined Interior Extremely Lightweight Strong and Durable Construction Simplex Combination Lock With No Power Required Cons A Bit Pricey No Backup Keys Not Good for Handguns Bottom Line The Fort Knox PB6 under the bed gun safe is strong and resistant to forced entry. It doesn’t require batteries to operate the lock and is good for storing a single rifle/shotgun, meanwhile consuming less space. However, the safe lacks a backup opening mechanism, is not very quick to access, and is somewhat pricey for keeping a single gun. 4. STEALTH "Handgun Hanger Safe" The Stealth Handgun Safe is probably the most useful and advanced handgun safe on the market. It can be stored under the bed so it has found a place in this list. Made from heavy-duty steel, this gun safe can store a maximum of five handguns at once. The safe has foam-coated pegs on the inside which are used as hangers for the handgun barrels . Plus, you can keep a couple more handguns on the base. The safe is secured by a dial-based lock which features an illuminated blue circle on each pad. The safe has anti-pry tabs, a high strength locking latch, a straw and a pick-proof door with new, welded lock housing. The spring-loaded, drop-down door offers quick access and also an optional silent mode. The safe has a red light on the inside which illuminates the interior to some extent in the dark. The safe itself weighs 20 pounds, and also includes a security cable. Located on the bottom of the safe are four bolt-down holes which also add to the safety. Buy Now Pros All Foam Interior Straw/Pick Proof Design Heavy-Duty Construction Foam Padded Hangers for Quick Grip Electronic Lock With Internal Light and Key Override Cons Pegs are Shallow Internal Light is Probably Useless Produces a Beeping Sound When Opened Bottom Line The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is a secure, sturdy medium for storing your handguns. The lock can be opened quickly and the spring-loaded door is also good. The capacity of a safe of this size is astounding. The foam-lined interior and pegs will protect your guns. The security cable and pre-drilled holes at the base also add to the security of the safe. Overall it is an amazing handgun safe at a good price. 5. Safety and Security King BedBunker Another very innovative option for an under the bed gun safe is making the safe your bed. This bed bunker from Safety and Security is a drawered bed itself. If you own a large number of weapons and valuables, this safe will be your best choice. The bed bunker has a ten-gauge steel body with quarter-inch doors and it simply replaces your current box spring. The safe has two different compartments and four locks (two key-based locks each). You can also opt-in for an optional center section safe. The safe has a rifle capacity of 32 single-stack or 64 double-stack with included oak racks using socks to protect rifles. These bed bunkers are resistant to fire for up to two hours so as to protect your valuables and buy you some time to call for help. This safe is 100% made in the U.S.A. and the company offers a lifetime guarantee on it. Buy Now Pros Stays Concealed Full Lifetime Guarantee Two Hours Fire Resistant Foam Lined on the Interior Humongous Storage Capacity Store Every Valuable at One Place Cons Expensive Very Big and Bulky Not for the Average Joe Bottom Line The bed bunker from SAS is a durable and huge under the bed gun safe which allows you to store all your weapons and valuables at one place. Due to its position, this safe almost unnoticeable to anybody, except the user. The safe costs a large amount and is meant for people with specific and high-security concerns. Nevertheless, you can buy it if you like it. But be sure to consider the weight and size when you buy as it weighs around 1400 pounds. Conclusion An under the bed gun safe is a good option to store your firearms to protect them from theft and for quick access in emergencies . A good under the bed gun safe must have a solid construction, robust locking mechanism, ample space, and a padded inner. You must also consider the type of weapons, storage space, weight, and type of locking mechanism you prefer, before buying such a safe.


The M&P Shield is a widely used sub-compact weapon, especially for concealed everyday carry. One of the most popular upgrades to the M&P Shield is a magazine extension. But people often seem confused about the benefits and drawbacks of using it.